Anakaji New Capital

Anakaji New Capital is one of newly established Real Estate Projects in New Capital in Egypt. “Anakaji” -meaning my home- which is inspired By Nubian Life style. Anakaji New Capital Compound will bring the warmth, brightness and vibrancy to The New Capital, Where you can feel comfortable, luxury and cheerful in Nubian Ambiances.anakaji new capital

Anakaji location

Anakaji New Capital Compound is located in the middle of R8 district, area (I-4), near to The Capital’s Upscale Presidential, Service center and Diplomatic District.

It’s also just a short walk away from the Green River, which gives the compound a beautifully landscaped spine.

Anakaji project has a very special location that is close to the capital’s main network of roads; like:-

  • The Mehwar’s Bin Zayed.
  • Ring Road.

Thanks to its connection with this roads, it will be easy to reach the main towns in Egypt in very short time; for example:-

  1. 25 mins only from New Cairo.
  2. 20 mins from Ring Road.
  3. 20 mins only from Regional Ring Road.
  4. 40 mins to reach Sokhna.


Services & Floor Plans

The Anakaji New Capital Compound Area is 20 acres. This area is perfectly distributed and designed by “DMA Company”, which designed The Mountain View Compound, IL Bosco and other especially great projects.

The project land is distributed among the ‘floors” and the “landscapes, lakes and services”.

The floor occupied 19% from the project land and the remaining area was customized for services and landscapes.

The project contain 2 main streets; there width is 16 M. Moreover, the lowest distance among the buildings is 15 M and the largest one is 54 M.

The Anakaji Apartments

The project consists of 10 clusters, each cluster contains 2, 3 or 4 buildings and each building has a private entrance for high standard stages of privacy and calmness.

The Anakaji New Capital Project includes 800 units. The first stage about 300 units.

Types of Anakaji Units

There’s a huge variety of types of apartments in anakaji new capital compound to suit all requirements.

They divided into:-

  • One Bedroom Apartment; its size ranged from 94 m2 to 106 M2.
  • Two Bedrooms Apartment; its size is “between” (123 – 124 – 130) M2.
  • Three Bedrooms Apartment; its size start from 156 m2 till 162 M2.
  • Three Bedrooms Apartment luxurious; its size is 208 M2.
  • Three Bedrooms Apartment Duplex; its size is 319 M2.
  • Four Bedrooms Apartment; its size varies to (241 – 275) M2.
  • Four Bedrooms Apartment; its size varies to (241 – 275) M2.
  • Four Bedrooms Apartment Duplex; its size is 286 M2.
  • Penthouse

anakaji new capital

Anakaji Services

We have already mentioned that Anakaji project has been designed to revive the Nubian heritage in a contemporary modern design.

Anakaji was specially designed in connecting clusters to maximize the view of all residents.

Anakaji is a wonderful place to enjoy your life, this is the best place to live your live.

whatever your interest is fitness, culture, shopping or something else, you will fined it in Anakaji New capital Compound.

Anakaji new capital compound was built to be great city with full facilities and services.

The highlights services of Anakaji New Capital Compound is:-

  • Al Mastaba Commercial strip:- is filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques, various markets to provide your all need and state-of-the-art administrative offices.
  • Arageed Club house:- is  the place for getting together with your neighbors, that offers large swimming pool, dedicated spaces for special occasions, a fun zone for the kids and a state-of-the-art fitness center.
  • Al Dof Culture center:- you could found it in the Clubhouse.
  • parking:- for up to 220 cars.
  • Jogging track:- 1.2 km jogging track circling the compound among green landscape and soothing water features.
  • Green landscapes.
  • lakes.
Anakaji is the best place in the New Administrative Capital. You will never regret your choice.

Prices & Payment Methods

Anakaji New Capital Compound prices have fallen short of everyone’s expectations. Because some people consider the prices of apartments in The New Administrative Capital overpriced.

The Owner Company took this point into its consideration and produced the lowest prices in The New Capital.

We found that the price per meter starts from 10.240 Egyptian pounds .

In addition to that, there’s:-

  • 8% from apartment price for the maintenance deposit.
  • 80.000 Egyptian pounds for garage unite.

Payment methods

The payment methods of Anakaji New Capital project is suitable for everyone. It is easy, fair and variable to fit all levels.

There’s a lot of methods; including:-

  1. No down payment & installment plan till 5 years.
  2. 5% down payment & installment plan equals for 6 years.
  3. 10% down payment & installment plan 7 years front loaded and 6% delivery.
  4. 10% down payment & installment plan 7 years front loaded, 3.9% till delivery and then 2.5% after delivery.
  5. 15% down payment & installment plan equals for 8 years.
  6. 20% down payment & installment plan 9 years equals.
  7. 30% down payment & installment plan 10 years front loaded.
  8. 25% discount for cash payment.

The date of delivery of the first stage of Anakaji New Capital will be after 3.5 years.

anakaji new capital

The Owner Company & Its previous projects

Aqar Misr Company is the owner of Anakaji New Capital Compound. It is an Egyptian Real Estate Company, established in 2018.

Aqar Misr vision is to build in style and follow the footsteps of those who created the unique Egyptian architecture.

Despite of The Company was newly established, it was directed by chairman, Eng. Maged Migar who has an experience stretching 25 years of delivering a variety of projects across Upper Egypt, Cairo, The North Cost.

The previous projects

  • Established 30% of Assiut’s Towers.
  • Build 25 villa in Marassi project “The North Coast”.
  • Established 23 building in Stone Residence Compound.
  • Build the fences, the entrances and the landscape of the Mivida Project.
  • Established some Buildings in Heliopolis and Fifth Settlement.

The last one is Anakaji New Capital compound, which is inspired by the beauty of Nubia and set to fill the new Capital with 20 of colors and charm, marrying heritage and amp; modernity.

For Reservations & Inquiries


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