ARCO Egypt Projects

ARCO Egypt is one of the greatest real estate and development companies not only in Egypt but also in the whole Middle East.

ARCO Egypt established in 2005, and since that, it takes great steps day after day in this field of real estate and construction.

then to meet all clients’ needs of all modern real estate and building categories.

In this post, we will explore more about this leading company,

ARCO Egypt

About ARCO Egypt

ARCO is a professional leading developments and real estate Egyptian company, established in 2005,

To provide a lot of integrated residential and commercial services.

ARCO’s Total investments have been raised to 20 billion L.E in less than 5 years.

ARCO Egypt seeks through its projects all over the country to meet all clients’ needs and expectations.

The main objective and the vision of ARCO Egypt is to establish a lot of modern self-sufficient communities and real estate projects.

ARCO has massive spaces of land in different attractive locations all over Egypt,

All of these various massive spaces are to satisfy all clients’ prerequisites and needs.

Now, ARCO Egypt has unique previous projects’ list of 7 real estate and development projects in very attractive locations.

Also, there are pending 8 great real estate projects, all with strategically locations locally and regionally.

All that ARCO aims to, is to provide new distinctive development and real estate projects “fully-self- served”, with more safety and luxury.


     ARCO Values

    ARCO Egypt Values focus on providing a new wonderful experience,

    for all clients who seek to have a unique magical life in a community full of luxury and privacy.

    ARCO always seeks to utilize all available objects, options, and elements,

    to meek the customers feel and live all that they look forward to.

    Arco Egypt Projects

     City Stars Al Sahel in North Coast

    City Stars Al Sahel in North Coast is one of the most beautiful resorts,

    Not only on the north coast of Egypt but also in the whole Arab world.

    City Stars Al Sahel is one of the greatest projects of ARCO Egypt,

    Established to be a summer house for thousands of guests from all over Egypt.

    This wonderful resort provides a lot of gorgeous views on one of the most magical sandy beaches on the North Coast.

    City stars Al Sahel established in a very hot attractive location on the north coast, where stunning beaches, fantastic basins, and gorgeous views.

    This glorious resort is located very near to El Alamein International Airport and Foka Road.

    Its only 30 minutes away from El Alamein International Airport.

    Its only 4 minutes away from Foka Road.

    Its only 2 hours away from Alexandria city.

     City Stars Al Sahel resort includes many apartment categories,

    To meet all guests’ and clients’ needs and expectations.

    There are many huge numbers of modern chalets, elegant duplexes, and independent villas.

    Above 1500 meters in City Stars Al Sahel in North Coast,

    You can enjoy a stunning summer with the charming Mediterranean waters, white sands, and wonderful gardens.

    ARCO Egypt

    La Fontaine Province

    La Fontaine Province is a French word that means Fountain,

    to express the beauty and the harmony of this amazing project.

    To express these wonderful and magical feeling of living in such a unique compound.

    Where modern luxurious apartments, gorgeous gardens, large green spaces, and stunning waters views.

    ACRO Egypt elected a very distinctive hot location for La Fontaine Province in New Cairo City.

    It’s located in the area of clubs, behind the American city of Rivers and its very near to the New Capital City.

    In this compound, you can find all that you can imagine of services, objects means of luxury and pleasure.

    You can explore the new life of harmony, happiness, calmness, and privacy in New Cairo City.

     Why calling Province?

    ARCO Egypt called this project with Province, inspiring by La Provence City on the south-eastern coast of France.

    Inspiring with the beauty and glory of this wonderful city in France, with the lavender fields, dry rocky beaches, scented pine trees, villages, vineyards … etc.


    La Fontaine Province Designs

    La Fontaine Province Designs were executed to be identical to these the same designs in the French city.

     The whole project was designed and executed to provide every apartment (client/guest) with a private beach to enjoy a harmonic time.

    There are many swimming pools some are shared with the nearest neighbors, some for children, and the others are private pools.

    The whole project with all its apartment units are designed and executed to provide a unique experience for all unites.

    To be connected directly to the main center of the project.



    Bellagio is one of the most popular ARCO Egypt real estate and development projects, with a massive space of 240000 m2.

    Bellagio established at a very attractive location in the fifth settlement, next to the American University in New Cairo.

    This great project has 3 real estate projects building categories to meet all clients’ needs with a large number of building 347 Villas.

    Bellagio provides a package of VIP services and advantages such as clubhouse, swimming pools, mosque, commercial area, sports clubs … etc.

    Royal Meadows

    Royal Meadows is another great real estate project, established on a large space of 240 acres.

    It’s located at a very distinctive location in EL-Sheikh Zayed city, it is very near to some of the vital roads and locations.

    Royal Meadows is very near to Axis of 26 of July, 6th  October city, Pyramids Area, and the Great Egyptian Museum.

    This wonderful project includes many premium services such as modern Gym, New City Stars Sheikh Zayed Mall, business center, swimming pools, restaurants, gardens, and green spaces … etc.

    The project also is very near to a lot of services in 6th October City & Shiekh Zayed city such as universities, hospitals, shopping malls, schools… etc.

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