Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed is one of most highly recommended real estate projects for whom adore calmness, luxury and relaxation.

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed developed by Iwan for Real Estate Projects in an amazing Premium Location with an overall package of comfortable services.

Now we can read more about such wonderful Real Estate Project,

New Glorious Life in Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed

Compound ATRIO  Location

It’s very easy to reach such this unique location of Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed, as it located in a highly preferable location for Millions of people.

 Its located very near to the heart of Sheikh Zayed City , it is only few minutes walking from Hyper 1 and 26th July corridor as it’s connected to the whole city of Sheikh Zayed.

 it’s also connected to 6th October city by 26th July Corridor and it’s also connected to the down town of Cairo by the same axis of 26th July.

So it’s only some minutes to reach Compound ATRIO ElSheikh Zayed from 6th October City, 26 July corridor, Lebanon square, and Cairo Down Town.

This great compound is near to many of shopping centers, theatres, cinemas, hypermarkets, restaurants and cafes.

We can explain them below,

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed Services

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed provides many wonderful Luxurious services for all it’s corners.

When the one needs anything, it’s some while to find, get and enjoy it easily.

What a Magical to have everything you need in such this amazing Compound!

Let’s go to know more about these gorgeous Services:-

  • Compound ATRIO  provides a variety of Shopping centers, hypermarkets and restaurants.
  • Great shopping area with many of Egyptian and international brands & Coffee shops.
  • Premium Spas and Gyms for your Elegence and beauty.
  • VIP Italian restaurants, American and Arabic and Egyptian Oriental restaurants.
  • Many of fantastic and beautiful gardens to have a nice time relax and get re-energized.
  • A great landscape through all compound corners for more harmony and pleasure.
  • Many of kids’ areas for children with many of kids games to enjoy, learn and have fun.
  • Amazing Clubhouse with a great space of 1500 m2 with a package of Luxurious services.
  • Sports clubs for many types of Sports, bikes tracks, running and walking.
  • Beautiful Swimming pools with a lot of spaces for your pleasure.
  • Many of parking spaces for all compound unites and shops.
  • A Great Mosque for preying.
  • Many of private Garages.
  • You can find many of Sports clubs for football, tennis … etc. in Compound ATRIO  Zayed.
  • There are many of magical Spas, beauty centers, Jacuzzi & Sauna centers.
  • Professional and modern security system and security staff.
  • Premium VIP Gym for fitness training provided with professional fitness trainers.

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed Prices

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed Prices are various and attractive to choose your preferred apartment from twin house, town house, stand alone, villas and other amazing apartments.

The prices of all apartments differentiate, based of location, space and the attached swimming pool or garden or garage, but all are attractive prices, you can’t find them in any premium place such this!

All town house apartments’ prices start from 850000 L.E for a one apartment at minimum, “all Apartments are ready to be habited”

What a Hot Price!

How to pay for apartment in Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed?

Payment system

Compound ATRIO El Sheikh Zayed Provides a special payment system for everyone want to have an apartment there.

It is very easy to pay for a gorgeous apartment in Compound ATRIO El Sheikh Zayed!

Just you have to pay only 10% of Total payments in advance, another 15% after 3 months then you can pay the rest of the payment through 4 years.

Compound ATRIO Apartments spaces

There are many types of apartments in Compound ATRIO, so you can choose which preferred apartment you will live it there!

As the compound, provide many apartments of twin houses, town houses, stand-alone and villas, hurry to yours!

 Compound ATRIO  provides wonderful various categories of apartments spaces for all 120 magical apartments.

In general, Compound ATRIO  Zayed spaces start from 128 m2 for one apartment, increasing to 275 m2.

The total space of this glorious compound is 19 acres, all the apartments established on only 18% of the total space of the compound and the rest of this great space is for stunning Gardens, comfortable services and amazing views. 

Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed

ATRIO Compound location features

There are many enough reasons and advantages to have apartment there for, let us go to know some of them:-

  • Its only 8 minutes away from Mall Of Arabia.
  • Its only 17 minutes away from Smart village and Carrefour.
  • Its only 20 minutes away from Elmohandsin district.
  • It’s also near to Guhaina square, Elhusary square, Dar Elfouad Hospital, Central Hospital Of Zayed, El Nile International University and 6th October City.
  • Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed is very near to many of Professional and modern Egyptian and international Hospitals.
  • Compound ATRIO Sheikh Zayed is very near to Cairo Down town, less than 1 hour to reach Tahrir square.
  • There are many premium compounds near to this magical one (Palm Hills Compounds, Royal City Compounds, Tara Compound and Cairo Gate.
  • This Luxurious Compound is some minutes away from 26th July Axis, What an
  • attractive location!

اسعار كمبوند اتريو زايد

The Owner Company & Projects

Iwan Company for investment for real estate developments is the owner of this wonderful compound in such attractive location.

Iwan is a professional real estate company, developed many successful, wonderful resorts, compounds and real estate projects in all some cities ( 6th October, Elshikh Zayed, El-ain elsokhna).

Iwan always try to provide a variety of modern apartments, with many advantages, attractive locations and hot prices.

Among 16 years of success, projects, compounds and resorts, Iwan could leave many Amazing steps in many locations not only in the west of Cairo but also in El ain El sokhna city.

Certainly, we cannot write about all these great projects but we can simply list them as follows:-

  • Giza Compound” El shikh Zayed”
  • The Acess “ 6th October City”
  • Vida Compound “ 6th October City”
  • Alma Compound “El shikh Zayed”
  • Gedar Compound “El shikh Zayed”
  • Gewar Compound”El shikh Zayed”
  • Majada compound  “El  ain Sokhna”
  • Compound ATRIO Zayed.

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