Compound Jada New Cairo

Compound Jada New Cairo is one of the most highly recommended premium compounds for those who prefer to live in a luxurious compound, with magical views, beautiful designs, and unique apartment.

Not only the luxury and beauty but also the integrated services not only for you but also for your all family, there are many reasons for them you won’t hesitate to reserve your apartment in such a wonderful compound.

In this article, you will explore this Jada compound well, let’s go…

Compound Jada New Cairo

 Compound Jada New Cairo Location

Compound Jada New Cairo Location is an attractive and distinctive location.

As it is located in the heart of the golden square of the fifth settlement, it is only some minutes from AUC.

Also, this premium compound is very near to the right on the street of 90, so it is a very attractive location.

And it is a very great choice to reserve your apartment in such an amazing location, as it one of most magical locations not only in the fifth settlement but in the east of Cairo in general.

Not only the location is distinctive but also the services, we will explore these compound services in the next lines.

Compound Jada New Cairo

Compound Jada New Cairo Services

There are many great integrated services, that will attract anyone to live in this wonderful compound.

We can’t write about all of them here, but we can briefly list most popular of them in some points as follows:-

  • Cameras and security systems all over the compound.
  • Electronic gates at the entrance of the compound.
  • Reception office in the front of the compound (for more security) all of these reception offices, security, and cameras system are for 24 hours * 7days a week.
  • Great clubhouse with stunning views to spend a nice time and take a coffee.
  • There is great hypermarket.
  • Some of the running tracks and bicycle tracks for whom adore sports activities.
  • Premium medical center with all modern medical setts and systems.
  • Great pharmacy with a 24-hours service and delivery service all over the compound.
  • There are many magical and gorgeous gardens between all compound apartments.
  • The great commercial area includes a lot of highly preferred international and local brands shops (for those who adore shopping).
  • The compound is very near to a lot of other great and attractive services.

(Many premium restaurants, coffee shops, and cinemas halls)

  • There are many great international schools near to this compound.
  • There are many highly professional and international universities very near to this wonderful compound Jada New Cairo.

Compound Jada in New Cairo

Compound Jada New Cairo Spaces

Compound Jada New Cairo provides many various spaces for its different apartments’ categories and all price categories.

Before we write about these various spaces, we firstly should say that this magical compound is established on 104 Acres.

This massive space of the compound most of it is gorgeous gardens and green spaces for relaxation and to enjoy the wonderful views around.

There are many categories of apartments in the compound “all with various spaces”.

We can list these Compound Jada New Cairo apartments’ categories as follows:

  • Flats apartments.
  • Stand-alone villas.
  • PremiumTownhouse.
  • Townhouse corner.
  • Duplex apartments.

There are many different apartments’ spaces, which you can choose your preferred.

We can mention the most popular of them as follows:

  • Standalone villas spaces start from 114 m2 for the first floor.
  • Stand-alone villas with a space of 260 m2 and the ground floor with a space of 113 m2.
  • Stand-alone villas with a space of 376 m2 and the ground floor with a space of 166 m2.
  • Townhouse spaces start from 104 m2.
  • Townhouse corner spaces start from 81 m2.
  • Premium flats spaces start from 77 and reach 189 m2.

Compound Jada in New Cairo

Compound Jada New Cairo Prices

As we mentioned before, there are many different categories of compound Jada apartments, then definitely there are many price ranges for these different categories and spaces.

Compound Jada New Cairo Prices are attractive and distinctive for its luxurious apartments.

In this unique compound, you will enjoy a luxurious life, premium services gorgeous views, and premium private apartment.

All with attractive prices, you can’t miss reserving your one.

Villas prices differentiate from these prices of flats and townhouses, but all of them are preferred prices.

We can briefly list these prices in two points as follows:-

  • Villas Prices start from 6400000 L.E
  • Flats and townhouses prices start by 19500 for a meter.

All of these compound apartments are unique super lux.

 Jada compound New Cairo

 Payment System

Compound Jada New Cairo Payment System is distinctive and attractive for all its apartments.

You can choose your preferred one these payments ways in the next points:-

  • You can 5% of the apartment total price in advance and another 5% after 3 months of the contract and pay for the rest in the next 7 years at maximum.
  • You can 5% of the apartment total price in advance and another 10% after 3 months of the contract and pay for the rest, among the next 8 years.

 Jada compound New Cairo

 Owner Company and previous projects

Iwan Company for investment and real estate developments is one of the most important and popular real estate companies not only in Egypt but also in the whole Middle East.

Iwan is the owner company of Compound Jada New Cairo, established to provide many luxurious real estate projects.

And after 17 years of success and achievements, the company now has a great list of previous real estate projects.

We can’t write about all of these previous projects, but we can mention some of these projects in some points:-

  • The Axis Compound, October City.
  • Magada Resort Ain Sokhna
  • Atrio compound, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Sheikh Zayed Jeera compound.
  • Compound Jedar 6 October.
  • Compound Jewar Sheikh Zayed.
  • Compound Alma Sheikh Zayed.
  • Vida October 6 Compound.

Compound Jada New Cairo

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