Go Heliopolis Compound

If you look for a luxurious, unique, and calm life, we think that compound Go Heliopolis is a very great choice for you.

This magical compound has many wonderful advantages, a lot of premium integrated services, various apartments and spaces, very attractive prices, and magical amazing views.

Not only these previous attractive features but also more and more, we can explore more about this luxurious compound in the next words.

Go Heliopolis Compound

Go Heliopolis Compound Location

Go Heliopolis Compound Location is very distinctive in the heart of Masr El-Gedida.

It is located between El-Nozha St. in western and El-Nasr road in southern, in general, this compound is located very near to city stars in eastern.

Compound Go Heliopolis in Masr El-Gedida is very near to many premium locations such as the fifth settlement and new Cairo city.

Go Heliopolis location is also attractive because it’s very near to the international Cairo airport and all the amazing locations in the east of Cairo.

More even than above, it’s only some minutes to reach this great compound from many important locations in Cairo.

We can mention that in some lines as follows:

  • Its only 2 minutes to reach Go Compound from El-Nasr road.
  • Its only 5 minutes to reach Go Compound from Salah Salem Road.
  • Its only 10 minutes to reach Go Compound from 6 October Bridge.
  • Its only 10 minutes to reach Go Compound from the international Cairo airport.
  • Its only 20 minutes to reach Go Compound from fifth settlement and New Cairo City.
Go Heliopolis
Go Heliopoils

Compound Go Heliopolis Services

Go Heliopolis Compound provides many premium great services for all the compound inhabitants.

Once you have an apartment in this magical compound, you can enjoy all of these unique services.

We can’t write about all Go Heliopolis Compound Services, but we can list some of them in some lines, as follows:-

  • Reception office at the compound gate.
  • Security system, security officers, and many professional camera systems all over the compound.
  • Great Hypermarket and many premium supermarkets all over the compound.
  • Many professional various banking services only for compound inhabitants.
  • Some full options medical centers and ambulance for urgent conditions.
  • There are many garages for all buildings, a private garage for every building.
  • Kid’s area with many amazing games and features for all children of the compound to have fun.
  • Some modern and professional pharmacies through all over the compound.
  • Premium Gym with all modern fitness sets and tools, professional trainers, and attractive prices.
  • Commercial area with many amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and many shops.
  • There are some wonderful features for every building include a walking track, mini coffee shop, and kid’s area.
  • Many magical and wonderful gardens and green spaces all over the compound for all inhabitants to have fun and enjoy their fantastic views.

Go Heliopolis Compound provides amazing features and advantages for its inhabitants more than you can imagine and more than we can write about.

May you know and explore a lot in the next lines, but not all.

Compound Go Heliopolis

Compound Go Heliopolis Spaces

Go Heliopolis Compound was established on a great space of 18000 m2 to have many various spaces and apartments.

16000 m2 of the compound space is for buildings, shops, and apartments and the rest of the space is for gardens and green spaces.

There are nearly 760 apartments throughout all over the compound, all the apartments with different categories and various spaces, to meet all needs of the clients.

The spaces of the compound of Go Heliopolis apartments start from 75 m2 and reach to 190 m2 for all compound apartments’ categories.

We can explore more about the apartment’s details in some points as follows:-

Apartment with a space of 75 m2 with 1 bedroom.

Apartment with a space of 125 m2, 127 m2, or 135 m2 with 2 bedrooms.

Apartment with a space of 155 m2, 165 m2, or 175 m2 with 3 bedrooms.

Apartment with a space of 170 m2, 185 m2 with 3 bedrooms.

Go Heliopolis Resort

All of these above apartments are very near to the compound services and green spaces and kid’s area.

Compound Go Heliopolis Prices

Go Heliopolis Prices are very attractive and various for all compound apartments.

The compound provides many various prices for all apartments’ categories to meet the needs and of all clients.

The prices in the compound of Go Heliopolis start from 11200 L.E per m2 and reach to 15500 L.E per m2.

The compound apartment’s prices differentiate according to some properties of locations and spaces and the category of every apartment.

Go Heliopolis
Go Heliopolis Resort

Compound Go Heliopolis  Payment System

Go Heliopolis Compound provides a premium and attractive payment system for all its apartment categories and spaces.

The compound provides more than one payment system, then you can choose your preferred.

We briefly can write about these attractive payment systems in two points as follows:-

You can pay for 5% of the total price of the apartment (as a reservation) and pay or the rest of the price through 4 years.

You can pay for 10% of the total price of the apartment (as a reservation) and pay or the rest of the price through 5 years.

Hurry to reserve your own preferred premium apartment in a highly unique location and receive it fully finished in just 3 years.

Owner Company & Previous Projects

KHOZAM is the owner company of  Compound Go Heliopolis, and it is one of the KHOZAM Company Group.

KHOZAM established by Nader KHOZAM EL-Khabeir with 1250000000 L.E total investments.

KHOZAM established its first Real Estate project in Masr El-Gedida to be a great new step in the list of its previous work.

Among more than 50 years, KHOZAM established many great real estate projects in different attractive and unique locations.

Now KHOZAM plans for a lot of great and premium real estate and development projects in New Capital City.

Go Heliopolis
Go Heliopolis

For inquiries and reservations


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