Jefaira Inertia

Jefaira Interia North Coast is considered a great turning point on the Inertia Real Estate and Development Company’s real estate track’.

Inertia has chosen the North coast to establish its gorgeous resort in one of the most top rated points and locations not only in Egypt but in the whole Arab World.

Jefaira Inertia is a magical resort for those who adore privacy, magic, luxury, and calmness,

For those who adore spending their vacancies, weekends, and summer holiday in a place full of harmony, relaxation, beauty, and luxury.

If you look for a stunning resort with integrated modern services, a lot of green spaces, gorgeous gardens, industrial lakes, and lagoons, to spend your time happily,

Jefaira Inertia will be your preferred choice,

this resort enables you to have your life with all what you may need, beaches, swimming pools … etc.

All in one place on the Northern Coast.

 We will help you through this article, to explore this wonderful resort of Jefaira, let’s go…

Jefaira Inertia

Jefaira Inertia Location

Jefaira Inertia Location is a very attractive and hot location on the Northern Coast directly on The Mediterranean Sea.

Inertia Jefaira Resort is located in the 200 km on the Marsa Matrouh – Alexandria high way, directly on the Sea.

The resort Jefaira of Inertia is located 300 km away from Cairo city,

So it’s only 100 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh City.

Jefaira Resort in North Coast is located very near to a lot very important resorts, roads, and locations,

It’s located very near to the La Vista resort and Mountain View resort on the North Coast.

It’s located very near to Marassi Resort North Coast, it is only 65 Kilometers away.

Jefaira Interia
Jefaira Interia

Jefaira Inertia Resort Services

Jefaira Inertia Resort provides a lot of comprehensive and integrated premium services for all the residents through all over the resort.

With all that the resort provides advantages, facilities, and premium services, it seeks to provide a prime elegant life for you.

We can’t mention all the service of this magical resort of Jefaira,

but we can mention some of them in some points, as follows:-

There the largest Fishing Marina and yacht Marina for all guests and residents who adore fishing and go exploring the sea.

5 sports clubs provide a lot of sports activities for all the residents.

There are a lot of public swimming pools all over the resort,

Some of them are for children, and there are a lot of private pools for each apartment.

There are a lot of fantastic industrial lakes and magical lagoons through over the resort.

A lot of gardens and wonderful green spaces all over the resort.

There are electronic gates, reception office, 24-hours security, and camera systems all over the resort.

Jefaira Inertia has a lot of international and local restaurants and coffee shops provide a lot of delicious meals and fresh drinks.

There is a sophisticated hotel with all premium services needed.

Kids’ area provides a lot of recreational places and a lot of modern children’s games.

A huge commercial area consists of a lot of international and local brands shops for those who adore shopping.

 Jefaira Inertia Spaces

Jefaira Inertia Resort North Coast has been planned and executed to be on a large space,

To provide a lot of apartment categories, a lot of premium services, and long beaches.

Jefaira Resort has been established on a large space of 1300 acres with a depth of 2200 meters through the resort and with a beach width of 3600 meters.

Jefaira Resort provides a lot of apartments’ categories through all over the compound to meet all clients’ needs and tastes,

So there are a lot of premium apartments, chalets, Twin Houses, townhouses, and independent Villas.

There are a lot of different spaces for all the resort apartments’, for all clients to choose the best suitable for their budget.

Jefaira Inertia Chalets spaces start from 186 m2 up to 225 m2.

Jefaira Inertia Independent Villas spaces start from 247 m2 up to 387 m2.

Jefaira North Coast
Jefaira North Coast

Jefaira Interia Prices

Jefaira Inertia Prices are very exclusive prices on the North Coast, compared with the other resorts prices on the North Coast.

The prices of Jefaira Interia Resort are various and different according to the apartment location, its space, and its category.

Jefaira Resort Interia Chalets Prices start from 1800000 L.E for the apartment.

Jefaira Resort Inertia Independent Villas Prices start from 3160000 L.E for the apartment.

Jefaira Resort
Jefaira North Coast

Jefaira Interia Payment System

Jefaira Inertia Payment System is very convenient for all of its apartments’ categories and its different spaces.

Simply, you can only pay for 10% of the apartment’s total price and installments up to 7 years.

Jefaira Apartments will be delivered after 3 years of contracting.

Jefaira North Coast
Jefaira North Coast

 Owner Company & Projects

Inertia Real Estate and Development Company is the owner company of the Jefaira Inertia Resort North Coast.

Inertia is one of the very important and largest real estate and development companies in the Egyptian Real Estate market.

Inertia Real Estate and Development Company has a huge sales volume of 3.2 Billion L.E, it’s also has a large space of 6 million cubic meters.

Inertia established by a lot of Real estate and Development experts, University professors, Engineers, and Engineering Consulting Experts.

The company has a sales volume of LE 3.2 billion. The company owns a lot of land area of ​​about 6 million cubic meters.

Interia Real Estate and Development Company has achieved a lot of very important and attractive real estate projects in a lot of very attractive locations.

It has a lot of previous real estate projects in New Cairo City, 6 October City, Red Sea Beaches … etc.

In this context, we can mention some of the most popular real estate and development projects of Inertia Company briefly in some points, as follows:-

  • Joulez 6th of October.
  • Veranda Sahl Hasheesh.
  • G- cribs El Gouna.
  • Brix 6 October.
  • Jefaira Resort Interia North Coast.
Jefaira Resort
Jefaira Inertia

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