Porto Said Resort

Port Said is a leading and promising city in Suez Canal Area and Porto Said Resort is a new great impressive real estate and development project in this city.

Amer Group has chosen Port Said city,

to create a magical resort in a new attractive location away from Cairo and its compounds.

Porto Said Resort will attract a lot of clients in Port Said and its districts to live in such this wonderful place,

which will encourage a lot of Real Estate and development companies,

to start their investments and constructions in Port Said.

Port Said Resort has all the advantages of modern real estate projects and constructions,

The Resort of Porto Said has an attractive location, various apartments’ categories, comprehensive services, unique and premium designs, gardens and large green spaces,

Besides these advantages above, this resort is established to look over the Mediterranean Sea directly, what magic!

On this page, we will try to explore this stunning resort of Port Said Resort, let’s go…

Porto Said Resort

Porto Said Resort location

Porto Said Resort established to be in one of the most attractive locations not only in Port Said city but also in the whole of Egypt.

The resort of Porto Said is located on the west of Port Said city in the area of Diba,

so it looks over directly to the Mediterranean Sea coast.

Porto Said in Port Said City is considered to be the first full services residential city to the sea directly,

Not only in Egypt but in the whole world.

The Resort of Porto Said in Port Said City is located very near to a lot of vital and important locations,

As it’s located very near to the Down Town of Port Said City (it’s very located to all Port Said main and vital streets.

The resort of Porto Said is also very near to Damietta – Port Said road

(it’s only some minutes away), and it’s also very near to Damietta City.

Amer Group is keen to choose a privileged location for its first project in Port Said to be on the same level as its previous tourism projects.

This Great promising resort of Porto Said has a lot of advantages of its services and spaces that we will describe in the next lines,

Resort Porto Said provides a lot of services for all its residents, clients and guests, definitely we can’t write about all of them but we can mention a lot of them in some points,

Porto Said Resort
Resort Port said

Porto Said Resort Services

Porto Said Resort Services are premium and integrated services all over the resort and for all of its parts and residents.

The residents of the resort of Porto Said won’t need to go out the resort for anything or if they want to travel,

As they can find all what things they need, all in one place,

all in a gorgeous place all in Porto Said Resort Port Said City.

Great commercial area with a lot of shops of many international and local brands.

A great mall with a lot of shopping centers and shops of different products for those who adore shopping.

Some medical centers and hospitals equipped with all modern medical sets.

A highly stunning international corniche which is considered one of the finest international streets and corniches worldly, called Porto Corniche.

Marina yacht for only resort Porto Said residents and its guests.

A huge wonderful Aqua Park called Aqua Porto.

Social clubhouse for all Porto Said Resort residents to spend their nice time.

A huge sports club provided with a lot of modern professional sportive sets and professional trainers for a lot of games,

This Club provides a lot of sports games for all resort residents.

Modern Gas Station provided with all types of gas for all car categories.

There is an international modern School for all resort residents.

Kids’ Area is full of a lot of children’s various games.

A lot of international and local restaurants and coffee shops.

A stunning private beach for the Resort Porto Said, with a long of 1200 meter, only for all resort residents and guests.

A distinctive hotel with a large number of rooms of 450 rooms, all with magical views and are near to all the resort services.

A lot of administrative offices for companies’ braches and businessmen.

More than above these previous services you can enjoy in Porto Said Resort with all its apartment categories.

Porto Said Spaces

Porto Said is established on a space of 90 acres equivalent to about 400 thousand m2.

The Resort of Porto Said Provides a lot of apartment categories to satisfy all clients’ and residents’ tastes and needs.

So you can find your preferred apartment of twin houses or independent villas or Hotel’ apartments.

The resort provides a lot of various spaces for all its apartments, we can summarize them in points as follows,

The hotel apartments’ spaces vary between 42 m2, 54 m2, 60 m2, 66 m2, 96 m2, 152 m2, 192 m2 and 221 m2.

The spaces of independent villas and twin houses start from 260 m2 and 300 m2, all with the ground, first and roof.

Porto Said
Porto Said

 Porto Said Resort Prices

Porto Said Prices are very attractive and hot prices for all apartments’ categories, then you can choose what meets your needs,

The prices of the resort of Porto Said start from 14.500 L.E per meter up to 22.500 for all apartments’ categories with a full finishing Deluxe.

Also, there are various prices for the independent villas in this resort, according to the location of each one as follows,

The first row villas start from 15.000.000 L.E.

The second-grade villas start from 7.450.000 L.E.

The third-grade villas start from 6.800.000 L.E.

Porto Said Resort Payment System

Porto Said Resort provides very attractive easy payment systems for all its parts and the longest payment systems you can find,

We can describe these payment systems on some points:

You can pay for 10% of the apartment’s total price and installments for up to 5 years.

You can pay for 10% of the apartment’s total price and installments up to 6 years.

You can pay for 20% of the apartment’s total price and installments up to 6 years.

After you choose your preferred apartment you can choose one of these above payment systems.

Porto Said
Porto Said

Owner Company & Projects

Amer Group is one of the largest real estate companies and includes a group of leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market.

Amer Group is a visionary company,

that aims to introduce new architectural and real estate concepts in an environment characterized by advanced lifestyles.

Therefore, we always use the latest operational practices, advanced methods, and new services,

which enables them to offer luxury real estate products in the most important tourist sites and destinations.

Amer Group is owned by the famous businessman Mansour Amer Chairman and CEO.

Amer Group has carried out several mega tourism projects in the most important Egyptian tourist cities,

such as Sharm El Sheikh, Matrouh, the North Coast, and the Red Sea.

Porto’s famous resort chain,

which began at the Porto Marina resort of about 990 units, can never be overlooked.

After 10 years, the Porto chain reaches more than 15 resorts with more than 3,000 units in the most important destinations in Egypt, the Middle East, or Africa.

As for the most important works of the former Amer Group are as follows:

  • South Beach
  • Porto Sokhna
  • Porto Matrouh
  • Meeting point
  • Porto marina
  • Porto golf marina

To the latest developments, a project Porto said,

which offers you Amer Group through which more than just a residential unit.

But inside the Port Said resort, Port Said City will enjoy a life full of entertainment and happiness.

Porto Resort
Port Said Resort

For inquiries and reservations


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