SODIC Real Estate Projects

For more than 20 years, SODIC Real Estate has achieved a distinguished position in the field of real estate development and investment in Egypt and the Middle East.

Now, SODIC is a highly ranked real estate company, has a lot of great development and real estate project all over Greatest Cairo.

Among years SODIC has recorded a lot of prestigious awards in its field in the Egyptian real estate market.

SODIC Company is located in Cairo and it is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange with all of the lists of its previous work.

SODIC provides many categories of real estate and development projects all over biggest Cairo,

All with different packages of spaces and prices.

Then it can provide and satisfy all clients’ needs and expectations in real estate and apartments starting by apartment studios and reaching to independent Villas.

SODIC not also provides real estate projects, but also provides a lot of Modern and professional Commercial and administrative projects.

After 20 years of massive success and leadership in real estate and development, SODIC now has succeeded,

to have a long term strong relationships with its customers.

More even than above, SODIC has great effective relationships with all of its shareholders, partners, and staff.

In this article, we will try to explore more about SODIC Real Estate Company, its history, and previous projects.

SODIC Real Estate

(Sixth of October Development and Investment Company)

Historical information

SODIC started its real estate and development projects officially on March 1998, when its shares are traded,

SODIC registered its ordinary shares on the Egyptian Stock Exchange under the OCDI Code.

After SODIC establishment it has been implementing 8 capital issuances, the last one on them was during 2014.

Then the Company increased its shares by 248,233,225 shares to 338,909,573 shares through a share offering to shareholders at their nominal value.

SODIC shares were modified according to the reduction of the share price,

Resulting from the capital increase and the stock split on 28 July 2011 at 2.5 shares per share.

SODIC Real Estate
SODIC Real Estate


Purpose of incorporation

Working in the purchase of land for extension and facilities for the construction and the division of land and the sale and rental.

Work in the field of contracting and integrated construction and complementary works

Planning and dividing the land and preparing it for construction according to modern construction methods

The building, selling, and renting real estate of various categories.


SODIC Real Estate
SODIC Real Estate


SODIC Subsidiaries

  1. SODIC Garden City Development & Investment Company
  2. Beverly Hills Company for Cities and Resorts Management
  3. 6th Of October Development & Real Estate Projects Co. (Soril)
  4. Al-Yosr Co. for Projects and Agricultural Development
  7. SODIC Golf & Tourism Development Company
  8. Fortin Real Estate Investment Company
  9. Lamizon Real Estate Investment Company
  11. Management Company for Cities and Resorts Services
  12. Tabrook Construction Company
  13. Soril Real Estate Investment Company
  14. Sodic Company for securitization
  15. SODIC Syria Limited Liability Company
SODIC Real Estate
SODIC Real Estate

SODIC  Real Estate Projects

During more than 20 years, SODIC has established a lot of distinctive real estate and development projects all over the greatest Cairo,

We will help you to know more about some of the most SODIC real estate projects in the following words,



Vilete SODIC

Kattameya plaza



SODIC West is one of the most ranked real estate projects in Sheikh Zayed City, established by SODIC.

SODIC West established to be in a very hot attractive location at 38 Km, Cairo – Alexandria desert road, Giza. Egypt.

There are more than 6000 residents live in SODIC West buildings, this project of SODIC West is equipped to accommodate 60,000 residents.

SODIC West provides many categories of apartments, all with different spaces and various prices.

SODIC West Provides all means of luxury, entertainment, shopping, sports, and all necessities of modern life, all in one place.

East Town

SODIC East Town is a new top-ranked real estate project, Established on a space of 860000 square meters in new Cairo.

SODIC established East Town on this great space to be one of the most popular and luxurious real estate projects in the East of Cairo.

East Town is located very near to a lot of very important locations and points in New Cairo such as American University and Cairo International Airport.

East Town of SODIC is located on the 90th street next to the American University in the fifth settlement in New Cairo.

This city of SODIC provides a lot of apartment categories, commercial and administrative offices, shops, a lot of shopping centers, and green spaces.

SODIC Real Estate
SODIC Real Estate

Vilete SODIC

Vilete established by SODIC in December 2014, and it’s one of the most popular and SODIC highly ranked real estate projects.

Vilete has a unique location in the heart of New Cairo City, it’s very near to the American University and the 90th street.

This project includes a lot of social, commercial centers, sports club, restaurants, and coffee shops.

The whole project consists of 2000 residential apartments for all different categories of villas and flats.


 Caesar established by SODIC, in one of the best locations on the Northern coast at 82 km on the Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh road.

The resort includes a lot of residential units for all clients and guests to spend nice holidays and vacancies.

So you will find your apartment needed with various spaces and prices, all are very near to the Mediterranean Sea coast.

 Kattameya plaza

 The Katameya Plaza project is located in the heart of New Cairo, a 5-minute walk from the Est Town project, and the new campus of the American University in Cairo.

The project was designed by ArchGroup Consultants,

the company that designed the Grosvenor House Hotel in Dubai, while Evergreen designed the green spaces of the project.

The project includes 474 apartments that have been sold in full, with the delivery of the Katameya Plaza units in 2012 and the project is in the final stages of delivery.

SODIC Real Estate Governance system

SODIC is committed to adopting good governance principles within the framework of the Code of Ethics,

which reflects the company’s corporate identity.

The management and the team believe that there is a close relationship between the application of these concepts and enhancing the financial and operational performance of the company.

This area has been allocated to the company’s website, to highlight the members of the board of directors and the administrative committee of the company,

as well as to identify the composition of the board of directors and its committees and the quality of their respective responsibilities.

Board of Directors of SODIC company

 Non-Executive Chairman of the Board: Hani Sari El Din

Member of the Executive Board: Majid Sharif

Non-Executive Board Member: Sabah Barakat

Non-Executive Board Member: Omar Al Hamawi

Member of the Executive Board: Hussein Shukri

Non-Executive Board Member: Hisham Al-Khazandar

Non-Executive Board Member: Timothy Collins

Board Member (Non-Executive): Elizabeth Crichley

SODIC Real Estate
SODIC Real Estate

Contact To SODIC Company

Sales Offices

Cairo – Alexandria desert road: 38 Km, Cairo – Alexandria desert road, Sheikh Zayed City, Giza. Egypt.

New Cairo Office: Plot 67, ST.90, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt.

Heliopolis Office: 46 Km, El Thawra St, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

Phone Numbers

Mobile: +20 2 38540100

International: +202 38270398

Fax: +20 2 38570060



Business Development:

Investor Relations:

Customer Service:



For inquiries and reservations


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