Zahra Resort North Coast

Zahra Resort North Coast

Zahra Resort North Coast is one of the most highly attractive and luxurious resorts which are located in a very important and distinctive location not only on the north coast but also in all over Egypt.

This amazing resort has a lot of advantages with all its properties which not all resorts have these properties.

As it has distinctive location, luxurious apartments for different categories (all with attractive prices), integrated high-quality services, creative modern luxurious designs for all Resort’s apartment’s corners and shops, stunning swimming pools … etc.

And more than ever above, let’s go to explore more about such a unique wonderful resort.

Zahra Resort North Coast Location

Zahra Resort has an attractive distinctive location on the north coast, as it was built to be very near to a lot of important, attractive, and luxurious points.

Zahra Resort North Coast is located very near Hasinda and Marsilia beach, on 26 Km Alexandria Marsa Martouh high way.

It is located directly on the beach in the center of Sidi Abdelrahman, in one of the most highly visited important locations in Egypt.

If you want to know how getting to, we can briefly know that through these following lines:

  • It is only 10 minutes to reach this beautiful resort from the Second World War museum.
  • It is only 15 minutes to reach Zahra Resort on the north coast from El-Almain Airport.
  • If you come from Cairo, I can simply tell you that you can reach this amazing resort through New Foka Exit and Cairo – Alexandria highway (only 260 Kilometers to reach).

Zahra Resort North Coast

Zahra Resort North Coast Services

Zahra Resort North Coast Services are various, premium, and magical for all its guests and visitors, as the resort guests always don’t need to go out of the resort (because of these integrated unique services which the resort provides.

We can list some of these amazing services on some points as follows:-

  • The resort includes some of the international premium hotels some of them are 5 stars and the other 3 stars.

(2 premium hotels with 5 stars and 3 with 3 stars).

  • The village has a wonderful kids’ area with a large space and many preferred kids’ games.
  • There is a great clubhouse for all guests to spend a magical time with gorgeous views.
  • There are some cinema halls with the latest local and international films.
  • Great Mosque for praying.
  • Many pharmacies all over the resort and great medical center.
  • There is a great commercial area for guests who adore shopping (this shopping area includes the most popular international and local brands.
  •  There are a lot of premium coffee shops, restaurants, and great hypermarket.

(Some of these restaurants and coffee shops are international and other are local).

  • There are a lot of luxurious meeting rooms, great halls for all types of events.
  • Premium Gym for all guests with many fitness experts.
  • Many yachts and fishing port.
  • A lot of ATMs through all over the resort.
  • Some of sports tracks for running and bicycles.
  • A lot of covered swimming pools all over the resort.
  •  A lot of sports halls for table tennis, Ball pool, and wiki how.
Zahra Resort North Coast
Zahra Resort North Coast

Zahra Resort North Coast Spaces

Zahra Resort North Coast is established on a massive space of 890 acres, to be one of the greatest resorts on the north coast, most of this space is for fun and services.

This great resort has a stunning beach with a long of 650 meters with beautiful and magical views.

The owner company established the first part of this wonderful resort as a mini compound with a space of 45 acres.

This part of the resort has 1040 different premium apartments, through 55 super lux buildings with 17% building percentage.

Before writing about the spaces, you should know that there are many categories of apartments in this resort.

Chalets with different spaces and categories (Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type F).

Mini Villas (35 mini villas with different spaces)

Zahra Resort North Coast Spaces are various, so you can choose what you prefer as these apartments’ spaces start from 50 m2 and reach to 128 m2.

The chalet consists of 1 room with a space of 50 m2 and reaches 67 m2.

The chalet consists of 2 rooms with space starts from 95 m2 and reaches  104 m2.

The chalet consists of 3 rooms with space that starts by and reach to 128 m2.

Mini villa with space starting from 60 m2.

Zahra Resort in North Coast

Zahra Resort North Coast Prices

Zahra Resort provides premium apartments with attractive prices, all with wonderful services.

The prices differentiate from apartment category to another, as every apartment space and attached private services.

There are many categories of prices in this amazing resort, we can list most of these prices briefly, as follows:-

 14700 L.E for meter instead of 16200 L.E

15700 L.E for meter instead of 17200 L.E

17200 L.E for meter instead of 18700 L.E

17700 L.E for meter instead of 19200 L.E

All of these Zahra Resort North Coast Prices for all chalets with attractive discount 1500 L.E.

Hurry to reserve your apartment, this discount for a limited time.

Zahra Resort in North Coast

Payment system

Zahra Resort North Coast provides a lot of attractive payment ways for all its apartments.

You can pay only 5% in advance and pay for the rest of 6 years at maximum.


You can pay only 10% in advance and pay for the rest of 7 years at maximum.

You will reserve your apartment and receive it after 9 months with a contract, and you will pay the first installment after 3 months with a contract.

All apartments will be received at a maximum of 3 years.

Zahra Resort in North Coast

The Owner Company & Projects

Memar Almorshedy is a leading real estate Egyptian company and it’s the owner company of Zahra Resort North Coast.

It’s one of the most popular real estate and development companies, not only in Egypt but also in the Middle East in general.

Established in 1983, and after more than 30 years, Memar Almorshedy now has a great list of real estate and developments projects in all over Cairo, we can mention some of them in some points, as follows:-

  • Katameya Business Gate project.
  •      Katameya Medical Gate Project.
  •      Katameya Gate, Mimar El Morshedy.
  •      One Katameya compound project.
  •      Lake Front Compound, 6th of October.
  •      Maadi Skyline project.
  •      Bavaria Town Maadi Project.
  •      Degla Gardens Compound, 6th of October.
  •      Degla Palms Compound, 6th of October.
  •      Rehana Avenue, Maadi Compound.
  •      Rayhan Plaza Maadi project.
  •      Grand Gate Maadi.
  •      Degla Towers Nasr City project.
  •      Degla Land Mark Nasr City project.
  •      Degla View Compound Maadi.
  •      Crystal Plaza Maadi project.
  •      Sarayat Maadi Suites Project.

For inquiries and reservations


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