Compound Promenade New Cairo

Compound Promenade New Cairo is a new luxurious real estate project in New Cairo City to provide a lot of prime modern apartments for all residents’ needs and tastes.

Wadi Degla has planned, designed, and executed this great compound of Promenade New Cairo to be its turning point in the fifth settlement,

Where the compound can attract a lot of clients and residents for all that the compound provides of apartments, shops, and offices.

Compound Promenade New Cairo has very modern distinctive designs and decorations of the European culture for all of the compound apartments and spaces.

This compound provides a lot of attractive advantages and services which will help you to have your premium life premium in this wonderful compound in New Cairo.

If you dream about a private premium life,

with all integrated services around your home, this compound Promenade New Cairo will be your preferred choice.

In this article,

We try to help you explore and know more about such a magical compound, its location, services, prices, spaces, and its apartments’ categories.

Compound Promenade New Cairo


Compound Promenade location

Compound Promenade New Cairo has a very hot attractive location in the fifth Settlement which includes a lot of unique residential compounds with a lot of apartments’ categories.

Compound Promenade New Cairo is located on one of the most important and Vital streets in the greater Cairo and the whole Egypt, the street of 90th,

So this great compound of Promenade is located very near to a lot of premium and strategic points and locations,

It’s very near to the great real estate project of Hyde Park, the Katameya Dunes compound,

And these real estate and development projects are considered from the most luxurious modern real estate projects in New Cairo.

Compound Promenade New Cairo is very near to the American University and the New Cairo Club (it’s only 5 minutes away).

it is only some minutes away from these compounds: Compound Jada New Cairo and Compound Evora New Cairo, and Zed East New Cairo

It’s only 20 minutes away from El-Maadi and a lot of the vital areas and districts in the greater Cairo.

This location of the Promenade compound is very near to a lot of modern international schools and universities all over New Cairo and the greater Cairo.

Compound Promenade New Cairo Services

Compound Promenade New Cairo provides a lot of comprehensive prime services through all over the compound and for all of its apartments.

The compound provides all the residents and the clients’ needs,

Then all that you want of services, you can find next to your luxurious home,

Promenade compound seeks to provide a premium unique life,

With all  the needed services, all services all available, all in one place for your needs.

There are a lot of services which the compound provides through all its parts, we can mention some of them for you to explore in some points as follows:-

Reception Office with some of the electronic gates.

Professional security and camera systems through all over the compound.

A lot of international and local restaurants and coffee shops, all with different meals and drinks.

Swimming pools for all the compound residents, some of them for children.

Some of the running and cycling tracks for who adore running and cycling.

A lot of gorgeous gardens and large green spaces all over the compound.

Sports Club provides a lot of sports activities and great squash courts.

Luxurious Spa provides all massage and spa services, provided with a lot of professional spa trainers.

The great mosque is very near to all the compound parts.

A huge commercial area with a mall full of all clothes and product categories and a lot of international and local brands shops.

Compound Promenade New Cairo Spaces

Compound Promenade is located on a space of 33 acres, most of this space is for buildings and apartments.

Promenade Compound New Cairo provides a lot of different spaces for all its apartments and categories.

There are 900 different apartments through all over the compound all with different spaces to meet all the residents and clients’ needs and tastes,

We can mention the most popular spaces of this compound in some lines as follows:

Apartments with a garden, with a space of 150 m2.

Apartments with 2 typical floors, with a space of 180 m2.

Apartments with a garden or typical floors, with a space of 225 m2.

Premium Penthouses with a space of 225 m2.

Compound Promenade Prices

Compound Promenade Prices are very hot and attractive prices for all the compound apartment and spaces,

Then you can choose your suitable apartment with your preferred category, space, and your suitable budget.

Promenade Compound New Cairo Prices start from 2738910 L.E for the apartment,

Compound Promenade Prices start from 14000 L.E per meter.

All the apartments will be delivered within 4 years, all fully finished.

Compound Promenade
Compound Promenade

Compound Promenade Payment system

Compound Promenade New Cairo Provide a very exclusive payment system for all the apartments’ categories.

You can pay for only a 10% deposit and pay for the rest of installments up to 6 years.

Compound Promenade
Compound Promenade

Owner Company and Projects

Wadi Degla Real Estate Company is one of the largest and most prestigious real estate development companies in Egypt.

Wadi Degla Real Estate Company is the owner company of Compound Promenade New Cairo,

Since its establishment in 2005 and until now has achieved a lot of large leaps of real estate in the market,

Because of its distinguished experience for more than 12 years.

Especially with its first launch in 2005 and was a project of Marina.

It was a good start to boost its position as an important real estate developer with a different vision and a good reputation with his clients.

The success of Wadi Degla Developments has led to more than 19 projects across the country.

The most prominent of these areas in Egypt, East and West Cairo, Ain Sokhna, the northern coast, and Hurghada, has always been involved in projects in the implementation of the sophisticated and sophisticated vision of real estate.

Wadi Degla Real Estate Company has a lot of previous great projects, we can list most popular of them in points:-

  • Compound Newpolis Cairo city
  • Blumar Sokhna WadiDegla.
  • Blumar North Coast Sidi Abdel Rahman
  • Mada Sokhna Wadi Degla.
  • Morano Resort Ain Sukhna.
  • Compounds Tigan Wadi Degla in Maadi.
  • Compound River Walk at the 5th assembly.
Compound Promenade
Compound Promenade

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