Aventura Mall New Capital

Aventura mall new capital is a new huge promising luxurious commercial mall in the heart of leading New Administrative capital city.

This great commercial mall will be a promising project that provides a lot of investment chances for a lot of different fields of investment and trading.

In the heart of the New Capital City, this new distinctive mall of Aventura New Capital will be a great land for a lot of modern profitable various projects.

Aventura New Capital City has a very attractive location, premium various services a lot of different brands shops, restaurants, and coffee shops.

 Aventura New Capital city has been established with the highly classy Spanish decorations and luxurious designs through for all the mall parts.

We write this post to describe briefly this mall Aventura,

Aventura Mall New Capital

Aventura mall new capital Location

Aventura new capital has been established at a very hot attractive location in the heart of the New Capital City,

Aventura Mall is located in the heart of the R7 on the very important popular road of regional road.

So this distinctive hot Location of  Aventura New Capital City makes it very near to a lot of very important real estate and development projects, a lot of main roads and hubs in greater Cairo.

This distinctive Aventura Mall will be an attractive land for a lot of investment chances because of its exclusive location,

in this hot attractive New Capital City which will attract a lot of thousands of people to live in such a magical city.

Aventura Mall is located on a great street with a width of 80 meters on the opposite of the area of clubs.

Aventura Mall is located very near to a lot of very important Real estate and development projects like these below:

Park Lane New Capital CityGo Heliopolis, El korba Heights, Al Maqsad Compound, ARCO Egypt Projects, SODIC Projects  Valore Sheraton, Compound Zavani New Capital City, and the Walk Mall new Capital

It’s also located very near to a lot of main hubs and roads like these below:

The regional ring road connecting the Suez Road on the one hand and the Ain Sokhna road on the other,

The Middle Ring Road, Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis, and The South Future Road.

Aventura Mall
Aventura Mall

 Aventura mall new capital Services

 Aventura Mall New Capital City provides a lot of various modern attractive services for all who adore shopping in New Capital City.

There are a lot of integrated services all over the mall to help all the clients and guests to get their wanting,

And enjoy their time in this unique Aventura New Capital City.

We can mention some of these services at some points as follows:-

Underground huge garage and an additional small garage.

Reception office, security, and camera systems all over the Mall.

Modern integrated hypermarket on the first floor.

HD Cinema provides a lot of global and local films.

A food court provides a lot of oriental and international restaurants and coffee shops.

Dancing fountain for the first time in the New Capital City.

Aventura Mall
Aventura Mall

 Aventura mall Spaces

Aventura Mall New Capital spaces have been established on a large space of 15000 acres,

So this Mall of Aventura New Capital City provides a lot of unique servicesو

and a lot of shops with various spaces all over the Mall.

Aventura Mall New Administrative Capital consists of 3 floors (ground, the first, the second, and the third) with three entrances.

Aventura Mall provides various spaces for all the mall shops in all of its floors,

But in general, Aventura Mall spaces start from 18 m2 to the ground floor and, start from 14 m2 to 44 m2 for the rest of the floors.

 Aventura mall new capital prices

Aventura Mall New Capital prices are very distinctive hot prices for all the Mall shops on all of its floors.

Aventura mall seeks to help all investors to start their project in the New Capital City,

with the best available price in the great leading city of New Administrative.

We can briefly tell you that Aventura Mall prices start from 35 thousand pounds up to 65 thousand pounds.

Aventura Mall
Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall Payment system

Aventura Mall New Capital City provides a lot of comfortable payment systems for all the mall commercial shops,

To satisfy all the clients’ needs.

 So you can choose your preferred payment system from these below:-

You can pay for only 10 % of the shop total price and equal installments for up to 7 years.

You can pay for only 15 % of the shop total price and equal installments for up to 8 years.

You can pay for only 20 % of the shop total price, the first installment after delivery and equal installments up to 4 years after delivery,

There is a package of 5% after one year and another 5% after 2 years.

Owner Company & Projects

EG Master Group Real Estate and Development is the owner Company of Aventura Mall New Capital City.

EG Master Group Real Estate and Development Company is one of the largest real estate and development companies,

Not only in Egypt but also in the whole Arab World.

EG Master Real Estate and Development Company has been established in 2015,

And after 5 years the company has achieved a lot of great real estate and development projects in a lot of very important locations.

In this paragraph, we will mention some of EG Master Real Estate company previous works in these next lines, as follows:-

White Bay Ras Sudr, South Sinai.

The Paradise, Marsa Matrouh.

The City Valley Compound New Capital City.

Compound the City New Capital Administrative city.

Valley Red sea Ras Sudr, South Siani.

Aventura Mall
Aventura Mall

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