Makadi Heights Jade Hurghada

Makadi Jade Hurghada

For those who adore beauty, privacy, luxury calmness, and harmony, Makadi Heights jade in Hurghada is the best choice for a unique life in one place.

Makadi Heights Hurghada jade is a new wonderful step in the Makadi Heights Hurghada project, with a lot of new adventures, advantages, apartments’ categories … etc.

Makadi Heights Hurghada is a new leading real estate and development project to provide a new life full of pleasure, relaxation, and elegance,

Then you can live all that you dream about in one of the hottest and the most attractive locations not only on Red Sea beach but all over Egypt.

In this article we will take you in a short reading- tour to explore more about this fantastic Makadi jade, let’s go …

Makadi Heights jade Hurghada

Makadi Heights jade Location

Makadi Heights Hurghada has a very attractive location in Hurghada, Orascom has established this great project to be very near to a lot of very hot locations on the red sea.

 Makadi Heights jade is located in the heart of Makadi Bay in the heart of Hurghada City on the stunning Red Sea beach.

If you ask why Makadi Jade Hurghada Location is very attractive, we can simply tell you that it’s only some minutes away from a lot of very important and beautiful locations, we can briefly list this in some points as follows:-

Its only 15 minutes away from Hurghada airport to reach Makadi Heights Hurghada.

Its only 20 minutes away from Hurghada city to reach Makadi Heights Hurghada.

Its only 15 minutes away from El Gouna airport to reach Makadi Heights Hurghada.

Makadi jade Hurghada has not only a distinctive location,

but also the whole project of Makadi Heights Hurghada has a lot of advantages and provides a package of amazing services,

We will know more about these services in some next words.

Makadi Jade Hurghada
Makadi Jade Hurghada

 Makadi Heights jade Services

Makadi Heights jade the new step of Makadi Heights Hurghada has a lot of luxury elements, premium services for all its clients,

Through all over the project, like these resorts ( Zahra North coast,  Smeralda Bay,   Jefaira Inertia) services that we can mention in this context:-

  • Makadi Heights in Hurghada provides a great beach club for all its apartment and clients ( for its all levels of Jade & Bayou)
  • There is a modern clubhouse near to all parts of the resort for all its clients to spend their nice time.
  • There is an amazing entertainment hub.
  • Commercial Area includes many international and local brands’ shops of many different products and clothes.
  • Great Mall for those who adore shopping, provided with a lot of various products to meet all residents’ needs.
  • A modern integrated gym is full of all fitness sets, provided with many professional fitness trainers.
  • Modern Sports courts have a lot of sets and spaces to enable doing a lot of sports activities.
  • Cycling tracks and walking trails to go walking and running in the morning in all different parts of the resort.
  • Some medical centers and clinics, provided with all modern medical sets and tools.
  • Great supermarket includes all supermarkets’ departments’ and with all food products.
  • When you are in Makadi Heights jade you can find an integrated pharmacy very near to your apartment.
  • Some of the swimming pools and pool bars with several drinks for all residents.
  • Kids’ area, provided with many modern Kids’ games.
  • A lot of Italian and oriental restaurants and coffee shops.

Definitely, we can’t write about all the services and the advantages of Makadi Heights jade in some points, but we can write about its various spaces.

makadi jade Hurghada

Makadi Heights Jade Spaces

Makadi Heights Hurghada has a large space of 3.4 million square meters,

85% of the total whole space of Makadi Heights Hurghada resort is for stunning gardens and large spaces of green areas.

All Makadi Heights Jade apartments have a lot of panoramic views to some of the gorgeous water and gardens views through all over the resort.

All Makadi Heights Jade apartments are Twin villas units, all with a unique balcony with glorious views to green spaces and pools.

 Definitely, Makadi Heights Jade Spaces are various to satisfy all clients’ needs and expectations,

 The most popular space of Twin Villas in Makadi Jade is a space of 147 m2 as a total space of the unit,

133 m2 of the space is for the built-up area and 41 m2 of the total space is for the roof deck area.

makadi jade Hurghada

 Makadi Heights Jade Prices

Makadi Heights Jade Prices differentiate from apartment to another one because of the difference in the apartment’s spaces.

Makadi Heights Hurghada resort provides many different prices to meet all clients’ needs and tastes,

When we try to write about jade prices, it’s simply to say that the prices start from 3200000 L.E for an apartment and reach to 3800000 L.E.

Makadi Jade Hurghada

Makadi Heights Jade Payment system

Makadi Heights Hurghada resort provides a special payment system for all its apartments,

As you can pay for any apartment through packages of installments up to 7 years.

Owner Company & Previous Projects

Orascom Development holding is the owner company of Makadi Heights Hurghada Jade, Orascom was established in 1989.

And since its establishment, it has achieved a lot of great steps in the real estate and development field not only in Egypt but in the whole world.

Orascom has one of the largest land banks comprising of 101.0 million square meters, so it’s considered to be one of the most popular real estate companies in the Middle East.

Orascom Projects in Egypt

Orascom Has established many great real estates and development projects on large spaces in different parts of Egypt,

we can list the most popular of them as follows:-

  • Compound O West Orascom 6 October.
  • Makadi Heights Hurghada Resort
  • El Gouna City in Hurghada.
  • Taba Heights Resort Hurghada
  • Beyom Project in Fayoum.

Orascom Projects around the world

Orascom has many great previous development and real estate projects in many cities around the world,

we can mention some of these projects as follows:-

  • Andermatt City in Switzerland.
  • As Sodah Island in Oman.
  • Citywalk project in Oman.
  • ECO – BOS project in the United American Kingdom.
  • CHBIKA Resort in Morocco.
  • The Cove Project in Ras Elkhima, UAE.
Makadi Jade Hurghada

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